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  Why is the UGME program migrating assessments over to ExamSoft?   What is the difference between ExamSoft and Examplify?   How do faculty mark students’ written responses using ExamSoft?   Who grades students’ completed assessments?   How do staff and faculty search for question items using multiple tags and/or Boolean operators?   What if a laptop stops working right before or during an assessment?   What if Examplify and/or the laptop freezes during an assessment?   How do invigilators ensure that only those students present in an examination room are the ones sitting an assessment?   How can a student or faculty member help to ensure that Examplify opens and closes as quickly as possible?   What happens to a computer when entering an assessment in Examplify?   How is ExamSoft administered by the UGME program?   How do staff and faculty load questions into ExamSoft?   How do staff and faculty build an assessment in ExamSoft?   How do staff and faculty pull up students’ assessment results to grade and analyze in ExamSoft?   How do staff and faculty build rubrics in ExamSoft?   What causes an error message when trying to log into ExamSoft or Examplify   How should staff and faculty decide how to appropriately size an image associated with a question item?   How do faculty and staff preview an assessment?   How do faculty and staff view the password that allows students to proceed with an assessment?   How should students prepare for an assessment?   What verbal reminders are helpful prompts for students before sitting an assessment using ExamSoft?   How do students install and open Examplify?   How do students download an assessment in Examplify?   How do students enter and exit an assessment in Examplify?   How do students complete a mock assessment?   What supports are available to students, faculty, and staff needing help with ExamSoft?   How are students being prepared to use ExamSoft and Examplify?   How does an administrator adjust grading assignments after grading has begun?   How do administrators add or remove students from the list of individuals able to download an assessment?   How do administrators print a paper copy of an assessment for a student to write?   How do staff check who has downloaded and/or uploaded an assessment?   How does an administrator create a grader account for a tutor / faculty member?   How do administrators assign faculty to grade CAEs or PIEs?   How do administrators allow students to re-download an assessment to a different laptop?